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Google to sell Nexus One, a 'super' mobile phone chinagoshop

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Google to sell Nexus One, a 'super' mobile phone chinagoshop

Сообщение szchinagoshop » 22 дек 2010, 02:33

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) -- Google Inc. began selling its own mobile phone
Tuesday, Cell Phones a much-anticipated move aimed at protecting its online
advertising empire as people increasingly surf the Web on handsets instead of
personal computers.
The Nexus One joins about 20 other mobile devices that already run on
Android,4GS Cell Phones the mobile operating system that Google introduced in
2007 to make it easier to connect to its services and other Web sites away from
home or the office.Google designed the touch-screen phone in partnership with
Taiwan's HTC Corp., which made the first Android-powered phone and will
manufacture this one, too.Slide Phone Google will handle all sales online and
has no plans to let consumers check out the Nexus One in retail stores.
The Nexus One has been in the hands of Google employees for the past three
weeks, triggering media speculation and anticipation for the company's first
attempt to peddle a consumer electronics device.

Given the hype,Bar Phone the Nexus One could be a bit of a letdown because it
only takes a few incremental steps beyond what's already possible on handheld
devices. And the Nexus One's standard sales price of $529 may lessen its appeal
in a still-shaky economy.
The move does escalate the budding rivalry between Silicon Valley's two most
valuable companies - Google and Apple Inc.,Hiphone which has sold more than 30
million iPhones in the past 2 1/2 years. Apple announced a deal Tuesday to buy
mobile advertising service Quattro Wireless to counter Google's planned $750
million acquisition of Quattro rival AdMob. Both announcements came ahead of
this week's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Most of the more than $20 billion in ads that Google sells annually are tied to
Internet searches, New Cell Phones a market that it dominates. But a
proliferation of programs that create more direct routes to mobile applications
may lessen the need to conduct searches on wireless phones. In designing and
selling its own phone, Google gets yet another way to ensure its services remain
within easy reach of people on the go.
Google is billing the Nexus One as the first "super" phone in an effort to
position the device as a cut above the iPhone and other smart phones such as
Research In Motion Ltd.'s more utilitarian BlackBerry.
It appears to be sleeker than other phones, PDA Smart Phones as thin as a pencil
at 11.5 millimeters and as light as a keychain-sized Swiss army knife at just
130 grams. Among other things, the Nexus One will offer more ways to customize
the phone's home page and use voice recognition technology to perform more
tasks, including composing e-mails and navigating Google's mobile mapping
products."This phone, from a performance perspective, looks a little like your
laptop did four or five years ago," said Andy Rubin,WIFI Cell Phone a Google
executive who oversees Android.
But most of the features on the Nexus One are already on other Android-powered
phones, and it probably will be a long time before it can offer as many
different tools as the iPhone,Watch Phones which boasts more than 100,000
applications compared with Android's 18,000.
The Nexus One's $529 price tag is more than twice as much as the most powerful
iPhone sold in conjunction with a two-year service plan from AT&T Inc.
Google is asking consumers to pay more so they can select their own wireless
carriers. Dual SIM Phones That's a departure from the usual sales model in the
United States, where mobile phones are typically offered exclusively by specific
providers and subsidized by them for customers who agree to service plans that
cost $800 to $1,000 annually.

For the first few months at least, TV Phones the Nexus One will only work on GSM
networks - a limitation that means buyers in the U.S. will have to use T-Mobile
USA if they want the handset for high-speed Web surfing. Consumers willing to
enter into a two-year data plan with T-Mobile will be able to buy the Nexus One
for $179, $20 less than the top-of-the-line iPhone with an AT&T subsidy.
The technological barrier also precludes the initial version of Nexus One from
working on the U.S. Quad-Band Phones wireless networks of Verizon Wireless and
Sprint, though Google plans a version that will work on those carriers' CDMA
technology this spring and Verizon Wireless plans to subsidize that. Cheapest
Phones For AT&T, the phone's compatible only with its slower wireless network
instead of the 3G one used by the iPhone.
The Nexus One should work with many carriers abroad, as GSM is the predominant
technology used. Free shipping Vodafone's wireless service in Europe also will
begin to subsidize the Nexus One in the spring.
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Google to sell Nexus One a super mobile phone chinagoshop

Сообщение Kordeeby » 19 июн 2017, 22:31

Я слышал что Google прекратит продажи смартфонов Nexus One, Это правда? кто знает?
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